/Cycling holiday in Spain: Welcome to Almería – The Sunny Cycling

Cycling holiday in Spain: Welcome to Almería – The Sunny Cycling

What could be better than cycling under the sun while it rains, the wind blows and the temperatures drop to zero in Northern Europe? Right! Going to Spain to get some base miles in the legs and get ready for the season! We also wanted this at Cyclingreview.nl, so we went looking for the best place to go on a cycling holiday in the early and late season and we arrived in Almería; The perfect alternative for a cycling holiday to Girona or Mallorca!

Almería, the pearl of the south

Not Girona, not Mallorca, but Almería is the place to be for your cycling holiday in the preseason. The climate in Almería is very good, as the graphs below show. The temperature is about 5-10 degrees higher in the winter months than in Girona or Mallorca. Especially in the evening and at night it doesn’t cools down that much which ensures that it is no problem to get on your bike early in the morning and that there is still plenty to do on the street in the evening. Restaurants and bars stay open until late and terraces are occupied by the locals, giving the city a summer atmosphere all year round.

Average temperature in February

In addition to the lower temperature, there is always a chance in Girona or Mallorca to end up in the rain, in Almería that chance is virtually zero. In fact, it rains so little that the organization we book with, The Sunny Cycling, even gives you your money back if it rains during your cycling holiday! To take the month of February as an example, there is twice as much rainfall in Girona as in Almería. In the autumn, these differences are even greater, in October the chance is even more than three times as big, also in Mallorca!

Average rainfall per month

The last fact to persuade you to go to Almería: Almería is the only city in Europe where temperatures below freezing have never been measured. The chance that your toes will freeze off in Almería is therefore even smaller than the chance that you will end up in a rain shower!

Cycling in and around Almería

Because there is an amazing climate in Almería all year round, it is a city where a lot of sports are done. After running, cycling is the most popular sport among the locals. In addition to the flat coastal roads you can quickly enter the hilly cuntryside from the city and with a full day trip you can even climb from the city at sea level to mountains of around 2,000 meters high and back. Below are some examples of beautiful routes that you can ride during your cycling holiday in Almería. The links take you to separate pages with photos and explanations about the possible routes that you can cycle around Almería

  • Nature reserve Cabo de Gata
  • Coastal route to Mojacar
  • Climb Alto de Velifique
  • Ride in the hinterland of Almería

Off the bike

During the five days that we stayed in Almería we were not constantly on the bike. The advantage is that Almería is a large and beautiful city with a rich history. Because you be early on the bike because of the nice weather you can be back at the hotel in the beginning of the afternoon. After freshening up, there is plenty of time in the afternoon to discover the city. The old town hall, the castle on the hill, the center with narrow streets, the beach, the bullfighting arena, the harbor with cruise ships, the ramblas … Just a few cultural activities you can discover in the afternoon.

There is also plenty to do in the evening. Due to the nice weather, the restaurants and terraces slowly fill up during the evening. Even on weekdays there is an enormous amount of atmosphere in the center of Almería. There is more than enough choice from affordable restaurants in the center of Almería, think of a full meal including drinks for +/- 20 euros. If you book at The Sunny Cycling, a visit to a medieval bathhouse is also part of the program, the ideal cycling holiday with plenty of room and time for activities and relaxation!

The Sunny Cycling

You have heard us talk enthusiastically about The Sunny Cycling in this article. The Sunny Cycling is an organization in Almería that encourages cycling in Almería. First of all, The Sunny Cycling consists of a local community in the city where as many people as possible are inspired to go cycling (more). In addition, The Sunny Cycling organizes tailor-made cycling holidays for people from outside Almería, because they want everyone to get acquainted with all the beauty that Almería has to offer.

Cyclingreview.nl goes to Almería once or twice a year (depending on demand) with readers to enjoy the Spanish sun and to make miles by bike. This will usually take place in October and / or March. The October edition is for people who want to lay a solid foundation for the winter and the March edition is an ideal cycling holiday in the sun in preparation for the new season or, for example, the Tour of Flanders or the Amstel Gold Race. A fully catered cycling holiday from Wednesday to Sunday with five effective days on the bike and four hotel nights costs only € 650.

This is inclusive of

  • High quality bicycle rental (Trek bikes)
  • Three hotel nights
  • Guidance en route with local guides and a follow car
  • Gels, food and drinks during the rides
  • Every day (extensive) lunch en route
  • The Sunny Cycling welcome package, including stylish cycling jersey from The Sunny Cycling
  • Spend an evening recovering in the ancient spa of Almería

This is exclusive of

  • The trip to Almería (Flight, car rental, taxi, etc)
  • Diners
  • Drinks outside of cycling, breakfast and lunch


Ja, ik ben geinteresseerd om met Cyclingreview.nl mee te gaan naar The Sunny Cycling in Almería